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Powerful Birth Stories Across Colorado

Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole, shares her most recent birth stories here. Browse through home births, birth center births, and hospital births. See beautiful and inspiring birth photography taken across the front range of Colorado. One of the leading birth photography blogs in the United States. 

A VBAC at Littleton Adventist

Annie was hoping and preparing for a VBAC for her second birth. She believed that her body could do it, and she found an incredibly supportive care provider and hospital. South Denver OB/GYN works with SO many VBAC families each year, and their midwives have an amazing record of helping families achieve their goals. Annie’s story and images are so inspiring…especially for families who are attempting a VBAC of their own.

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Photos from my OWN birth circa 1986

A couple of months after Dorothy was born, I found myself in my parent’s living room…filtering through our family albums yet again. I opened up the album entitled 1986 and stumbled upon photos from my OWN birth story. I’m sure I’d had seen them several times over the years, but I don’t think I’d looked at them since I became a birth photographer or a mother myself. And although I had heard my mom share her birth story countless times, there was something so magical about getting to see the love and joy on my family’s face on the day I arrived in the world.

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