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A VBAC at Littleton Adventist

Annie and Scott reached out to me to document the birth of their second baby.

With her first, she’d labored at home until her water bag descended with meconium. She went straight to the hospital (instead of the birth center) and pushed for five hours (her baby was posterior). A cesarean was called and she met her baby girl.

This time, Annie was hoping and preparing for a VBAC. She believed that her body could do it, and she found an incredibly supportive care provider and hospital. South Denver OB/GYN works with SO many VBAC families each year, and their midwives have an amazing record of helping families achieve their goals.

Early on Tuesday, September 18th, Annie texted me to let me know her water had broke. They were on the way to Littleton Adventist. When they arrived, Annie’s contractions still weren’t particularly strong or consistent, but she advocated for time and space to let her body do it’s thing.

At 11am, her midwife checked her cervix. She was 4.5 centimeters and contractions were now coming on strong. I left my house and drove to the hospital as I felt like things were going to progress quickly. I found Annie and Scott laboring in the tub room. Contractions were coming every 2 minutes and were SO strong. Annie leaned on Scott during each one as they grew more and more intense.

We made it back to the room and in a matter of minutes, Annie felt the urge to push. She was complete and it was time for her to meet her baby! Unlike her first birth where she pushed for over 5 hours, Annie pushed her second baby out in under an hour. And goodness, they were so elated and overjoyed to have their sweet baby in their arms. I couldn’t help but cry.

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