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The Fast Homebirth of Scarlett

Julie and Alan are two of the sweetest people I’ve worked with. They’re both chiropractors in Lakewood and have helped so many people live fuller and healthier lives. Julie reached out to me about documenting their second birth - and their very first homebirth. Julie’s second pregnancy was different than her first in many ways. This sweet baby liked to go breech on her chiropractic mama (who eventually got her nestled and cozy head-down) and she also gestated longer than her sister (who came out at 38 weeks). Julie’s labor was also faster than her first. She went from barely any contractions…to contracting every two minutes. Both me and her midwife barely made it before sweet baby Scarlett came flying into the world.

Julie and Alan also didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl - such a fun surprise! And I just LOVE how involved big sister was during Julie’s labor and birth. She snuggled and loved on her mama…and found the hose to fill the tub to be too much fun. Julie’s birth reminds me that children aren’t born afraid of birth - this is something that is very much conditioned. I almost always find that if the adults in the room are calm and peaceful…children respond beautifully to the birth process. We have to remember that it wasn’t too long ago that they made the journey earthside themselves.