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About Monet Nicole

Monet Nicole lives in Denver, Co, with her husband and three daughters. She's photographed over 400 birth stories, and is one of the world's leading birth photographers. 

Meet Monet Nicole 

I live in the heart of Denver - in Platt Park - with my husband, Ryan, and our three bright and vivacious girls - Lucy, Eliza, and Dorothy. We've lived in Denver for over a decade now, and we've loved seeing our city grow and change over the years. We enjoy taking long walks in our neighborhood, drinking good coffee at Corvus, and exploring Denver's thriving dining scene (both with and without our kiddos!) 

Today, I feel blessed to capture the strong, intimate and beautiful moments of birth. As Denver's leading birth photographer, I've captured over 300 birth stories. Birth stories are love stories, and I find no greater joy than in preserving those priceless memories for other families across Colorado.


My Own Birth Stories

In 2013, on a hot summer day, I felt my first contraction. Five hours later, I brought my daughter to my chest, surrounded by the love and support of my husband, family, and an amazing medical team. Throughout the whirlwind of labor and birth, I felt completely in tune with her body and baby. Giving birth was a profound experience for me. To put it simply: it was the best day of my life. When I looked back on my own birth photographs, I relived so many of the best parts of my birth experience: the empowerment, the love, the strength, the support. And then I saw all the moments that I'd forgotten or missed:

The look on my husband's face as he stroked my tense arm.

The gentle presence of my older sister.

The unfettered joy that flooded my face the moment I saw my daughter's body come up towards her own.

Throughout my postpartum recovery, and for months in the future, my birth photographs served as a reminder of the miracle I had participated in. On hard days, on long days, I'd look at those photographs and be reminded of the love I had for her husband and her daughter. To put it simply: my birth photographs are priceless. I quickly realized that I wanted to use my background as a photographer to give that gift to other women.

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