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Waterbirth at Mountain Midwifery - Emily's Story

When Emily reached out to me, we quickly discovered that we lived within just a few blocks of each other. We sat down for coffee at Steam (a local Denver coffee shop just a few blocks away from both of our homes) and she told me her story. Emily and her husband, Greg, thought they were done after having their third baby…but as often happens…life had other plans. This fourth pregnancy had been completely unplanned…and yet they were all so excited to see what this special baby would bring into their lives. We laughed and shared together over our coffee…and I felt like I had just made a new friend.

Emily went into labor in the middle of the night. She messaged me and let me know that the contractions were still spread apart but were strong when they happened. She went about her morning routine for as long as she could (the very best idea!) and texted me around 11am to let me know they were headed to the birth center (after they picked up a cappuccino from Steam, of course!)

We all found ourselves at Mountain Midwifery Center around noon. Emily and Greg had picked up their older kiddos from school so they could be part of the birth, and Emily’s sister was also there to provide support. Emily labored with such strength and beauty. I loved watching her older daughters surround her during contractions. After an hour or two, it became evident that Emily needed space and quiet to finally transition. The older kiddos, her sister, and Greg left the room, and within minutes…everything changed. We knew baby was near. We called Greg back into the room, and Emily began pushing. It only took a few pushes for her sweet baby boy to join us. The joy and shock on both Greg and Emily’s faces shows just how quickly things progressed!

At Mountain Midwifery Center, the entire family is welcome to be part of the birth process, and so Emily’s older kiddos came into the room just after she made her way to the bed. They snuggled with her and their sweet baby brother. There was so much love in the room that it made me feel certain that my husband, Ryan, and I should have a third! (We got pregnant with Dorothy a month later!) I hope these images inspire you as much as they inspired me. I love big families…and I love mother-centered births!