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Powerful Birth Stories Across Colorado

Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole, shares her most recent birth stories here. Browse through home births, birth center births, and hospital births. See beautiful and inspiring birth photography taken across the front range of Colorado. One of the leading birth photography blogs in the United States. 

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A Second Cesarean Birth at Good Samaritan

I love this birth for many reasons - but there is something so remarkable about the the breadth of human emotion these images contain. You can see so much in her face as we waited to go back into the OR - a process that so many parents can relate to…the letting go of one phase of life/parenthood so that you can begin another. And then when she meets her baby - such peace and relief and love.

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Unmedicated Birth at Parker Adventist

Emilyanne was planning her second birth at Parker Adventist…and if possible, she wanted to give birth without an epidural. I love supporting and photographing moms who make ALL types of birth choices (c-sections, epidurals, unmedicated, homebirths, etc) and I knew that whatever route her birth took…it would still be a beautiful one. Her sweet baby boy was born after a fast and powerful labor…and she achieved her goal of an unmedicated birth!

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