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A fast first birth at Seasons Birth Center

Like all birth stories - this birth story revolves around family. I met Molly through her sister, Sara, a local midwife in Denver. Sara and I have attended several births together, and I had the honor of documenting the arrival of her own babe last year. Sara reached out to me to see if I’d be available to photographer her sister’s birth. She wanted to gift her a birth session (which I think is truly one of the best gifts you could give or receive!)

The original plan had been for Sara to attend Molly’s birth, but when Molly went into labor…her body was ready to go! When she arrived at the birth center, contractions were coming on strong, and her doula, Amanda, told me I should head that way. When I arrived, I knew we’d be having a baby soon.

Molly progressed so quickly that Sara wasn’t able to get away from work in time. But the beautiful thing about this birth is that even though Sara couldn’t make it…she was still surrounded by this beautiful sisterhood and brotherhood. The team at Seasons is truly exceptional - composed of midwives and nurses that I’ve known and loved for years now.Molly had the spirit of her sister in the room the entire time as she powerfully roared out her baby.

Kyro came into the world with his grandparents watching…his dad catching…and his midwives cheering Molly on. It was truly magical, and you could just see the love radiating in the room and across the faces of those in attendance.