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Family Centered Birth at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Cherise gave birth at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, with an amazing team surrounding her. Her sweet daughter and husband gave her so much love and support as she birthed her baby girl into the world. She got into the shower and quickly progressed (the shower is SUCH a good place to get those contractions going).

Rebecca (who photographed this birth) texted me and said, “I think we might end up with a shower baby!”

Being upright with that warm water hitting your body just does magical things when you’re in labor, but so does movement! When the urge to push came on strong, Cherise decided she wanted to return to bed, and not long after, she gave birth to her sweet baby girl.

And wow. I just LOVE seeing mom, dad, and midwife’s hands guiding this baby into our world. What a powerful representation of what a family-centered birth can look like. And then, of course, big sister’s wide eyes and smiles are perfection. She was so overjoyed to be there, and I just love when birth spaces encourage children to join in the process. I had my third baby at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness…and i think these images show you why.

Laboring at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness
Hanging out the A Denver Midwife
Laboring at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness
Labor Support; Denver Colorado
Colorado born; Denver Birth Center
Beautiful umbilical cord; Denver Colorado
Meet sister; Denver Colorado Birth Center
Family Birth at Denver Birth Center; Colorado
First Latch with Family support; Denver Colorado
Mother & baby; Denver Center for Birth and Wellness
Baby with Placenta; Denver Colorado Birth Center
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