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The Golden Hour - Breastfeeding Images to Inspire

I’ve been breastfeeding for SIX years now. Between my second and third daughter…I did get a short break of a few months…but other than that brief window of time, my body has been producing milk for my babies. As someone who has always struggled with body image, it’s been such a healing experiences for me to both birth and nourish my babies. Our bodies do such incredible things for us, don’t they?

I know that whenever we talk about breastfeeding, we must also be aware that this choice isn’t always the best choice for a variety of reasons. Without question: babies who are loved and nourished FLOURISH…regardless if they get milk from breast or a bottle.

But I also think it’s important to share images of breastfeeding because we live in a culture where breasts have largely been reduced to something sexual…when in reality they encompass so much more. By sharing and celebrating women’s bodies in a variety of ways…we can undo some of that harmful programming we’ve all received in our culture.

While I’ve personally breastfed a 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old, and infant…I most often photograph people who are breastfeeding a baby less than an hour old. There are so many amazing things that happen when we breastfeed our babies after birth. Hormones are firing everywhere, helping our body and their body adjust to life on the outside. Breastfeeding can help our uterus contract. It promotes bonding. It regulates blood sugar for baby. It helps everyone acclimate to what has been a monumental change. Some babies latch on right away, while other babies want to rest, recover, or explore. The timeline for each baby is different (just like birth) and in most cases…babies do find their way to the breast.

But getting help is often KEY. Don’t be afraid to ask your midwife, your nurse, your friend, your partner for help. An IBCLC has put in years of training…and if you’re having significant issues, they’re absolutely the people you want to see!

I’m sharing some old and new breastfeeding images with you today (including two from my own births). I hope they inspire you…or take you back to that first magical hour with your own babies.

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