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A first birth at Hygge Birth and Baby

Hygge Birth and Baby is a beautiful birth center in Denver with a team of gentle and compassionate providers. When I first walked into the center, I felt like someone was embracing me in a warm hug. From the birth rooms to the family/kitchen area…Hygge makes you feel like you’re at home.

When Emiko and John reached out about documenting their birth story at Hygge, we were thrilled. Rebecca and I met with them for coffee, and we talked about what they were envisioning for their birth story. There is such beautiful anticipation in the weeks leading up to birth, especially when it’s your first. So much possibility and unknown swirls in those days of waiting.

Emiko went into labor, and WOW - she had so much strength and perseverance. She labored for two days, staying at home as long as she could before coming into the center. Together, John and Emiko worked through contractions, relying on each other as well as water and nitrous oxide to help. Emiko began pushing almost silently, and we were all a little surprised when we realized just how close baby Tai was to entering into the world. Tai was born into the water and right into his parents arms. After several minutes in the birth tub, they made their way to the bed to deliver the placenta, breastfeed, and rest as the sun began to rise.