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A Midwife's Birth Story

I’ve known Tiffany since she began her midwifery practice in Colorado Springs. Tiffany is one of those people that you meet…and connect with instantly. She has such a passion for providing more homebirth options for families in Colorado Springs, and her presence in Colorado’s birth community is immense. I’ve had the honor of documenting births with her as the midwife, and Tiffany’s skill level is matched with a deep compassion for her clients. She is a gem, and we are so lucky to have her.

I’ve also had the immense honor of helping document both of her births. Her first baby came unexpectedly early, and so although she desired a homebirth with all of her heart…she gave birth to him in the hospital.

When she got pregnant with this baby, a homebirth again was the goal. They nervously approached her third trimester with memories of her first birth - would this baby try to come early again too? But as often happens in birth, the challenges we think we’ll end up facing aren’t the ones we’re actually met with. This sweet baby decided that breech was her preferred position, and Tiffany spent weeks trying to get her to turn and stay head down.

Eventually, finally, it happened. Baby was head-down, and Tiffany was in a safe window to give birth at home. We just had to wait patiently, which we did! Tiffany went into labor, and we all joined her in the morning (what an incredible gift to have a daytime birth!) Her birth was beautiful, powerful, and exactly what she had hoped for. CUE ALL THE TEARS.

Lauren Blease (Tiffany’s partner midwife) helped catch her baby, Sarah Norris served as her doula, and Danica Donnely was her birth videographer. I LOVE all these women so much, and it was such a joy to be with them as Tiffany welcomed her sweet daughter into the world.

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