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Welcome Baby Scout - a Mountain Midwifery Birth Story

Mark and Phylicia messaged me late one evening...asking me if I had availability for their birth date. I fell in love with them right away. Just through that one simple inquiry message. I somehow knew we were meant to take this journey together. And so I eagerly replied YES! 

We met a few weeks later at Steam, a quaint little coffee shop in Denver. Mark and Phylicia brimmed with excitement and anticipation. We talked about birth. We talked about good food. We laughed. A lot. They couldn't wait to meet their baby, and I couldn't wait to capture it. I knew that their birth story was going to be a special one. 

Phylicia went into labor and worked through contractions for over a day before we all met up at Mountain Midwifery in the early hours of the morning. When I walked into the room, Phylicia exuded strength and beauty. She was still laughing. 8 cm and ready to meet her baby. She got into the tub and Mark joined her soon after. Her contractions were strong and consistent and before long...we were pushing. 

Her baby's head began to crown and her midwife decided that the bed was the safest play for Phylicia and Mark to meet their baby. Within seconds of moving from tub to bed, baby Scout was born! She went right to her mama's chest, with her dad cradling them both from behind. So much love. So much joy. So much beauty. 

I also had another client go into labor this morning. After baby Scout was born, I ran over to University to capture Ander's birth...and then I came back and joined Scout and family a couple of hours later. 

You can follow Phylicia Mark, and Scout on instagram (highly recommend it!) @askproy @mcsadsarin and @scoutieoutiedopealicious