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The Peaceful Denver Homebirth of Bodhi

Lauren and I met for coffee over Corvus. We were both pregnant with our third babies, and we immediately connected in our excitement and anticipation of seeing our older girls become big sisters. 

Lauren was planning a homebirth with one of my favorite midwives in Denver - Gina Gerboth. She'd had both of her older babies at the hospital...and her experiences left her desiring something more. She also told me that once labor really kicked into gear...she typically had her babies very quickly. We made a plan for me to come to their house in Parker (which is just south of Denver) as soon as she knew it was time. 

Lauren also let me know that one of her biggest desires for her homebirth was for her older daughters to be present. Lauren and the girls' dad had broken up years ago...and during her due month, he'd planned a vacation to take the girls on. Lauren wanted SO badly to go into labor either before/after the girls left, but as we all know...babies don't always follow our plans. 

Everyone was aware that their departure day was quickly approaching, and my heart hurt for Lauren as the 13th drew closer and closer. You can imagine our joy and delight, when we all received a text on the evening of the 12th: labor had started and we should make our way to their house as soon as possible. 

When I walked in, Lauren was still laughing (and even signing) with her sister and daughters. But when contractions did come....she got down to business. Within an hour, it was evident she was transitioning. She had maybe 3-5 INTENSE contractions...and then suddenly baby Bodhi was out in one strong push. This birth story is one of my very favorites, and I'm so glad I get to share it with you today! 

Parker Homebirth in Colorado
Sisters hold mama's belly during labor
Laboring in birth tub
Leaning on support of partner and daughter
Solar eclipse water
transition during Denver birth
baby emerges in water
mom catches baby
baby pouts after birth
baby snuggles up against mom waterbirth
baby opens eyes and looks up at mom
dad kisses new baby
big sisters kiss baby
big sisters love on baby
mom breastfeeds
new dad holds baby
newborn exam at denver homebirth
big sister proudly holds baby brother

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