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Denver Birth Photography

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The Denver Center for Birth and Wellness Welcomes Harlan

I have the honor of working at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, a free standing birth center in Littleton, Colorado. Karen Loughlin is the owner, and over the past year and a half, we've become close friends. Her passion for women, for babies, and for maternal healthcare has already changed the Denver birth community for the better. Karen and her team offer Denver families personal and experienced care. Their current midwife, Shari Romero, has delivered thousands of babies (in both the hospital and out-of-hospital settings) and provides her clients with beautiful, holistic care. I could go on and on about the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness because I currently find myself there almost every week, and I get to watch these incredible women in action. But I think the best way to gain a sense of what they're doing at this center is to see a birth. Baby Harlan's arrival was powerful, peaceful, and entirely mama-focused. When I walked into the room, Baby Harlan was almost crowning. Her parents were so connected to each other and to their baby as she gently eased herself into the world. Her midwife, nurse, and doula were present and purposeful, but made every effort to allow mom and dad to connect and lead their birthing process. You can see the love and emotion in each of these images...and you can also see the amazing care this family received at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.