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The Birth of Rocco

Oh what a joy it is to work with repeat clients. I had the absolute honor of photographing Jason and Susan's first birth a couple of years ago. When I found out she was expecting her second baby, I was more than excited. Her first birth had been long and trying, and I had a feeling that this birth experience would be different for her (as most second births are!) Susan labored and gave birth at the same hospital - Medical Center of the Rockies - and it was so magical to return to the same birth space to watch her welcome her second son into the world. I joined them early in the morning, just as the induction medications started to set in. We walked through the halls to help them build, and before long she was ready to return the quiet and darkness of her labor and delivery room. 

She worked through her contractions beautifully, relying on the support of her husband and doula as they grew in intensity. She walked, she moaned, she moved. Jason's words surrounded her, and they were so heartfelt and comforting that I found myself tearing up as I edited their birth video weeks later. Susan opted for an epidural and was able to relax and rest a bit before it was time to push. When it was finally time, everything happened super quickly. With just a few strong pushes, sweet baby Rocco was in her arms. (I also included some footage of the moment of birth below...make sure you watch!) 

I loved seeing them snuggle their sweet baby boy in the hours after birth. Susan and Jason are such incredible parents, and their boys are so lucky to have them as mom and dad. 

Beautiful laboring Mother in Denver Colorado- Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Laboring in Denver Hospital - Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Laboring- Denver Colorado-Monet Nicole Birth Photographer
Colorado Laboring Mother
Denver Laboring Mother-Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Colorado Birth Story-Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Just Born in Denver Colorado- Monet Nicole Birth Photographer
dad and mom react to new baby
Beautiful  Moment after birth on Denver Colorado- Monet Nicole Birth Photography
New family in Denver Colorado-Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Moments with Dad after birth in Denver Colorado-Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Skin to Skin with Denver Dad- Monet Nicole Birth Photography
Denver Colorado Skin to Skin- Monet Nicole Birth Photography