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The Birth of Casher - Emili's third birth story

Emili hired me to document her second birth - and from the moment I met her, we connected. As moms of girls, we already had so much in common.

When she told me she was pregnant again, I could’t have smiled wider. I LOVE this family, and I knew her third birth would be just as beautiful as her second.

Emili was induced both times around 39 weeks - and both times her inductions were gentle and smooth. A low dose of pitocin was all her body needed to start contracting, and she had both of her babies not long after checking into her hospital - North Suburban.

I joined Emili as soon as she started feeling her contractions, and I had the joy of watching both big sisters love and snuggle their mama as contractions gained in intensity. Emili finally got an epidural that worked this time, but it didn’t long from placing it before Emili felt the urge to push. The urge came on SO strong that her doctor barely made it into the room before her baby boy was out. He was practically crowning as her doctor suited up.

Weeks later, Emili took these images to her 6-week postpartum check-up. Her doctor teared up looking at them, and said, “I get so emotional looking at these…” And I do too, Dr. Volin.

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