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Powerful Birth Stories Across Colorado

Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole, shares her most recent birth stories here. Browse through home births, birth center births, and hospital births. See beautiful and inspiring birth photography taken across the front range of Colorado. One of the leading birth photography blogs in the United States. 

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Six Inspiring Homebirth Practices in Denver/Boulder

Families in Colorado are blessed with so many incredible birth options. We have hospitals that support physiological birth, beautiful birth centers run by certified nurse-midwives, and compassionate midwives who support birth at home. Options and autonomy in birth is everything. And I’m so glad I live in a place that offers women so many choices. 

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A Homebirth Cesarean - the Birth of Rune

All of the births we document stick with us. They work their way into our hearts…and never really leave. I can run into a birth client at the zoo or a coffee shop, and I’m almost immediately transported back into time. I remember so vividly their courage and strength as they brought their baby into the world.

But then there are some birth stories that seem to dig their way even deeper. Rune’s birth story is one of them.

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