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Denver Birth Photographer - the Powerful and Healing Birth of Thomas

So many of my clients are second or third time moms who want a very birth different experience than what they had with their first. I think we learn so much from our first babies, and we're able to make some very different (often empowering) choices for our second or third or fourth ones. Alex and I connected immediately. Our older kiddos were the same age and shared a mutual love of photography. We met at a park so her older son could play, and we talked about birth stories, about pregnancy, and about living in Denver, Colorado. (Little did I know that I was also pregnant myself! Thomas' birth was the first birth I attended while pregnant with my current baby, which makes his birth even more special to me). 

Alex had decided to have her second baby at Mountain Midwifery Center, a beautiful and thriving birth center here in Denver. I love working with the nurses and midwives at MMC, and so I was thrilled to have yet another opportunity to attend a birth there. Alex texted me when labor finally began, and I met them on a cool November night. She labored with strength and grace through each of her contractions, drawing on the presence of her sweet husband to get her through each surge. Her pushing stage was long, but she never gave up, and I LOVE the look of joy and relief on her face when her sweet baby - Thomas - was finally in her arms. I think Alex would agree that this was a very different birth story than her first...and a beautiful one at that.