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New Beginnings - Meet Lucy

So often families tell me that they want to capture their baby’s first moments earthside…but aren’t sure if they’re ready to hire a birth photographer. Even though I LOVE what I do (and I truly believe that it’s one of the best gifts you can give both yourself and your kiddos) I completely understand. Labor and birth are unpredictable…and can often feel daunting. And let’s be honest: some women truly do labor better with as little interruption and distraction as possible. At the end of the day, our goal is to support and celebrate you in your unique choices and decisions around your birth.

Rebecca and I offer New Beginnings Sessions to families who want to capture the real beauty in that first day, and we LOVE every minute we get to spend with these sweet babies and their parents. There is something so magical about capturing a baby as he/she adjusts to this big, bright world. Rebecca had the honor of documenting little Lucy’s first few days at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Denver. She was SUCH a bright-eyed and expressive baby. I love the yawns and even smiles that Rebecca caught on camera.

If you’re interested in hiring us for a New Beginnings Session in Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs, we’d love to talk with you! You can find out more about these sessions right here.

Grandmothers meet newborn- Monet Nicole
Newborn Baby Meeting Grandma in Denver - Monet Nicole
Just born at St. Joseph hospital Denver Colorado- Monte Nicole
Denver Fresh 48 - Monet Nicole
Newborn at St. Joseph hospital in  Denver Colorado- Monet Nicole
Just born Denver Colorado - Monet Nicole
Colorado Fresh 48 - Monet Nicole
Denver Newborn - Monet Nicole
Fresh 48 in  Denver Colorado - Monet Nicole
Newborn at St. Joseph Hospital Denver Colorado - Monet Nicole
Just Born In Denver Colorado- Mone Nicole
Newborn at St. Joseph Hospital Denver Colorado-Monet Nicole