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Mountain Midwifery Center Closing - Reflections and Images

Mountain Midwifery is closing, and the Colorado birth community is mourning.

MMC was the first birth center in Colorado…and the work they’ve done over the years paved the way for so many practices and birth centers in our state today.

I attended my first birth at MMC in 2014. I remember walking up the stairs (of the old building) and into this cozy birth center, where midwives welcomed me with open arms as they helped their patients labor and birth. I remember thinking, “so this is how birth can be!”

Mother-led. Family-centered.

Over the years, Rebecca and I attended dozens more births at MMC, and we found that this space was more than just a birth center…it was a place of connection, of learning, of community. I met nurses and midwives who became dear friends (and also clients themselves). Many of these providers are now all over the state and country, continuing on the good work that they were doing at MMC.

And so I’m sad and thankful this morning, as I reflect on all the change they brought to our state…and all the babies they helped bring into the world. I also knew wanted to share a collection of some of my favorite MMC images because that’s the beauty of photography, isn’t it? These images allow us to remember, to reflect, and to preserve.

Also: the Colorado Birth Center Coalition is working to help support pregnant families that are now suddenly needing to find a new place to deliver. I am also available to talk to pregnant families about different options and practices in the Denver-area. Sending love and light to all those who are hurting this morning. Such a seismic change.

The following birth centers are part of the Coalition and offer compassionate and family-centered midwifery care in the Denver area:

Birth Center of Boulder

Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Hygge Birth and Baby

Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center