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A Midwife's Birth Story - the Birth Center of Boulder

I met Abrie at a birth a number of years ago. While the details of that birth story are now dim in my memory, my recollection of Abrie is not. Abrie is one of those midwives that makes you want to have a baby (and if you've already had two babies...makes you want to have two more). She is strong and gentle. Her presence comforting without being stifling. She knows exactly when to step back, when to offer an encouraging word, when to suggest a different position or technique. I fell in love with Abrie and looked forward to each birth I attended at the Birth Center of Boulder because I knew I'd get to see her (or one of her amazing coworkers in action). The Birth Center of Boulder is just as magical as Abrie. You walk into the birth space and are immediately transported to somewhere that feels both sacred and the best version of home. Prayer flags fly outside of the entrance. Warming ayurvedic foods are prepared as women labor. The space has this incredible energy that feels very connected to all the women who have birthed before us and all the women who will birth in years to come. 

When Abrie reached out to me to announce her own good news - she was expecting her first baby - I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I knew she'd approach her birth with the same joy and passion as I'd seen so many times before. I couldn't wait to watch her sister midwives support in the rooms they worked in day after day. And just as I imagined, her birth was beautiful and powerful. She arrived to the birth center in the throws of active labor, dilated to 10cm with the love and support of her amazing team, and then pushed out a POSTERIOR baby! There was so much connection, so much love, and so much joy as baby Rook was born into the world. What an honor to capture it. 

prayer flags outside of birth center
floral arrangement at birth
laboring at birth center of boulder
receiving support from midwives at birth center
tender caress by husband during labor
roaring baby out
pushing on bed
pushing baby at birth center
hand on belly
baby boy is born at birth center of boulder
dad sees baby for first time
overwhelmed with love birth center of boulder
resting together on bed
embracing after birth
baby face
snuggling together after birth
placenta floating in water