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Dorothy's Birth Video

One of the best things about my job is the relationships I form with my clients. Many of them become dear friends…and some of them become best friends. Over three years ago, I met Lindsey Bartell, when she hired me to photograph the birth of her second baby. We bonded during her pregnancy (the last few weeks being especially eventful with a breech baby who FINALLY flipped) and in the years that followed.

Lindsey with her baby Olivia in 2016

Lindsey with her baby Olivia in 2016

Born unassisted at home!

Born unassisted at home!

Lindsey fell in love with birth photography just like I had. She took several workshops with Birth Becomes Her and Everyday Films, and I watched my dear friend find her passion and purpose in birth.

When I got pregnant with Dorothy, I asked her to film our birth story. With my history of fast labors, I knew I wanted to have both Rebecca and Lindsey in the birth space with me. As you might imagine…I wanted as many pictures and footage as possible :)

Lindsey sent me my birth film last week, and oh my goodness…how I cried. There is something SO powerful about seeing and hearing your entire story unfold. I’ve been so eager to share it with you all. It was truly one of the most magical days of my life.


As fair warning: there is blood and slight nudity…but it’s a pretty PG-rated birth film in my humble opinion. You’ll see a mother-led labor with minimal intervention, a baby born en caul, my butt (haha), a nuchal cord easily resolved, and a whole lot of love.

And as always, a huge thanks to the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness. I have the honor of working there and offering their families an exclusive package for birth photos and films, and it was such a joy to also have my baby in those familiar rooms. Karen, you have created such a NEEDED space for families in Denver. Your vision and courage has touched so many lives. And Jacie - wow - your words and gentle touch were everything I didn’t know I needed. I’m so grateful you were with us on this magical morning.

Shari, you are the best midwife and such a dear friend. I will never forget the days where you listened to me cry and reminded that I deserved to have a birth like this one. I’m so glad that we’ll get to work together again and again. You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried ;-)

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