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Denver Birth Photography

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The Birth of Enzo at the Denver Center for Birth

Iris and Zach found the Denver Center for Birth later in her pregnancy. Iris wanted an unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth, and after touring the center, they both felt that this was the right place to welcome their baby into the world. They connected with Shari Romero, the midwife at the birth center, and felt confident that baby Enzo would be welcomed in a place full of love and support. 

Zach plays for the Denver Broncos, and they knew it would be a possibility that he'd be at a game when Iris went into labor. 

Sure enough, Iris began experiencing contractions on the very day Zach was in Chicago for an away game. But that didn't deter Iris. She knew that her body would do just what it needed to do to birth her baby. She trusted the process. She trusted her birth team. She trusted herself. 

I walked into the birth center and found her laboring so peacefully and beautifully. You would have never guessed she was about to have her baby! She soon began pushing and before long, baby Enzo made his way into the world and into his mama's arms. Zach was able to meet his newborn son via Skype...just minutes before he walked onto the field. 

The last two photos were taken by my assistant and dear friend, Rebecca Walsh.