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Denver Birth Photographer- the Unexpected Hospital Birth of Jace

I connected with Rachel as soon as I met her. We drank coffee and talked about birth...about her vision for the arrival of her third son. She had decided to have her baby at Baby + Co, a free-standing birth center in Denver. She envisioned a water birth, and we both talked about what a special day it would be. 

As a birth photographer, I'm often privy to these dreams- the hopes and aspirations women have for the births of their babies. But like much of life, birth is wildly unpredictable...and sometimes reality diverges from our dreams. Rachel developed signs that pointed towards HELPP or preeclampsia and needed to be immediately induced for her own safety. Despite this sudden and extreme change of plans, Rachel and her husband Nate exuded so much strength, beauty, and love during her birth. Although it was different than her original vision, I saw so many similarities. Her birth was peaceful and beautiful, and she was surrounded by support and love. 

I had just flown into Colorado from Paris, and I'm so glad that I was able to attend this very special birth. It remains one of my favorites. 


I came back to visit baby Jace and his older brothers once they had settled at home. Aren't they the most beautiful family?