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Castle Rock Birth Photography - a Redemptive VBAC

Amber's birth story is one of strength, or perseverance, and courage. I fell in love with Amber and her family from the moment I met them. There was so much joy, and hope, and laughter in their home. When Amber reached out to me about documenting their birth story, I was truly honored. Honored that she would invite me into such a sacred space...a space that had been full of both joy and sorrow for this family. 

After a beautiful vaginal birth with her first, Amber experienced a stillbirth with her second baby and then an emergency c-section with her third. To say the least, Amber is one of the strongest women I know. With her fourth baby, she planned on giving birth at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital - a wonderful and supportive hospital here on the Front Range (with AMAZING hospital food...I'm not's REALLY good).  Amber spent so much time and energy researching, planning, and centering for this baby's birth. We expected that her labor would progress quickly, and we were hopeful she'd achieve her goal of a VBAC. Amber's oldest daughter wanted to be part of her baby brother's birth story and so she joined us when Amber went into labor, along with Amber's mother-in-law (who had never seen a birth before!) Amber worked through her contractions with such strength. Hour after hour, she moved around her hospital room, using the birth sling and the birth tub. Despite the intensity of her contractions, Amber's cervix dilated slowly. She decided an epidural would be ideal - it would allow her to rest and hopefully would encourage her cervix to finally completely dilate. Amber slept and her body continued to work. Finally, early the next morning, she woke up and it was time to push. Sweet baby Nash was born after just a few strong pushes. Amber's birth story still takes my breath away. Her family, her love, and her strength...there just aren't enough words.