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Boy or Girl? Finding out the sex of your baby at birth!

I admit it: I caved easily and early both times we were pregnant. I grew up with 3 sisters, and I desperately DESPERATELY wanted a girl. And then once we had our oldest (Lucy) I desperately wanted her to have a sister. And so as much as I loved the idea of waiting until birth to find out the sex of our baby, I also knew that mentally, I might need a little more time to prepare for a boy (even though I KNEW that boys and girls and gender and sex are such complicated things...not black and white). 

But thankfully I've got to experience this fun reveal dozens of times through attending my clients birth stories. I LOVE photographing the moment when mom or dad looks down and announces, "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" EVERY birth I attend is magical, but there is truly something extra special about keeping that one detail secret. And I always remind myself that for most of human existence, we haven't been able to know. 

I put together a collection of a few favorite "reveal" moments. Some of these little ones were the first girl or boy to be born into that family, while others were the same sex as what they already had at home. Regardless, the moment they met their baby was absolutely priceless. 

I'd love to hear if you found out (or didn't find out) in the comments below! If we ever have a third baby, I think we're going for a surprise! 

Ashlee learns that after two boys...she finally has a daughter! This was also her first baby to be born at home. 

Gender Reveal at Homebirth
Mom smiles after learning she finally has a girl

It's a girl! Baby Scarlett joins her big sister. 

Waterbirth sex reveal

Baby Number Four Also Is Family's Fourth Girl!

gender reveal colorado springs
mom tells dad he now has four daughters

And baby makes three...boys!

It's a Boy!

Dad got to look down and announce the news - they had a daughter!

Dad Scout

After two boys...finally a daughter!

We have a daughter!

First baby born in the shower! And it's a boy!

Sweet baby boy born in the shower!

We have another son!

Birth Center of Boulder
Two boys

Wait a's a girl!?!??! This sweet family thought they were going to have their third boy, and instead they gave birth to their first daughter!

Finally a girl

Two big sisters meet their little brother

Denver Homebirth

The surprise is just as fun with baby number six as with baby number one