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Boulder Birth Photographer: the Quick and Peaceful Birth of Sophia

Jeanette and I chatted several months before her due date. She had the most beautiful European accent, and we connected immediately over all things birth. She asked her family to contribute to her birth photography fund, which I thought was a wonderful idea...especially since most of her family lived in Europe and would only be able to experience this birth through images and words. Jeanette told me that she was planning to give birth to her second baby at the Birth Center of Boulder - one of my favorite birth spaces in Colorado. The Birth Center of Boulder is beautiful to look at...but it's true charm lies in the peaceful environment the care team fosters for its birthing families. You don't have to spend much time at the Birth Center of Boulder to feel completely at home. 

Jeanette went into labor late one evening and like many second time moms, her birth progressed very quickly. She texted me to say that she thought baby might be coming, so I hopped in my car and drove to Boulder. I met her, her husband, and her sweet son at the birth center shortly after they arrived. When I first saw her, I knew that baby was near, as did her midwives/ They quickly got her assessed on the bed and then moved her into the water to deliver her baby. There was so much peaceful energy in the room as Jeanette worked through each of her contractions. Her strength, beauty, and power was so evident as she roared through one contraction after the next. Her husband and her son stood beside her for support, as did her midwife. They offered her encouragement, gentle touch, and words of affirmation as baby Sophia's arrival drew near. 

After less than an hour, sweet Sophia was born en the caul (which means that the amniotic sac didn't rupture until after birth). A special and rare occurrence...completely fitting for this beautiful family. Big brother stayed in the laboring suite for his sister's birth and handled the whole affair splendidly.