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Denver Birth Photographer - A Fast Baby + Co Birth

I love working at Baby + Co, a free-standing birth center here in Colorado. I'm friends with much of staff, which means that whenever I have a client who is delivering there...I know it will be an amazing experience. Betsy was expecting her second baby, and like many second time moms, she expected that her birth would go quicker than her first. When she went into labor, I was eating pizza with my husband and daughter. Her contractions were about 6 minutes apart, but I knew that I needed to get home as soon as possible just in case her labor picked up. 

Sure enough, soon after we had gotten home and I had made sure my bags were packed I received a text message from their midwife. They were on the way to the birth center, and I should probably head in the same direction. I jumped in my car and sped to Baby + Co. Often, I have a sense when things are moving quickly...and I had a strong sense on this night! 

I arrived at Baby + Co and found the front door locked. I knocked a few times but no answer. I knew that Betsy was in the center and I suspected that baby was on his way out since no one was answering. Thankfully, Erin, one of the CNMs, ran out to grab something in the front room and saw me at the door. She let me in and told me to run back to the birthing suite. Betsy was pushing and the baby was almost out. 

I turned my camera on, ran into the room, and baby Segar was born within two minutes of my arrival. I'm so glad I made it to capture his speedy entrance. And yes, Betsy's birth was just as beautiful and amazing as I had expected it to be.