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Ander's Powerful Birth at the University of Colorado

Mia is a fellow Denver photographer. I'm always honored when another photographer reaches out to me about telling their birth story. We met at the Source, where I was able to chat with Mia and her two older girls. Mia has quick labors, and we talked about what her third birth might look like. She planned on giving birth with the Midwives at the University of Colorado, an incredibly mother and baby-friendly place to give birth in Denver. 

When Mia went into labor, I was actually finishing up at another birth. She told me that contractions had just started but they were growing intense. Her other births had gone quickly, so we knew that baby Ander wasn't going to wait long. We agreed to meet at the University of Colorado. 

I found Mia working through each of her contractions beautifully. Her older girls were with her (not part of the plan...but sometimes babies come before grandparent can arrive) and the interaction between the three of them was priceless. The older girls would comfort their mama both during and in-between contractions, and I found myself so moved by their presence. I couldn't help but think what a blessing it would be for them to have seen such a beautiful physiological birth. 

Mia transitioned quickly and got onto the bed to push. She delivered baby Ander in just a few pushes, and he went right into arms. 

Mia, you are strong. You are beautiful. Your children are blessed to have you as their mama. You birthed your baby in a way that I'll never forget. You inspire me.