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Denver birth photography stories by leading Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole. These stories take place across Colorado, in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. Each image captures both the big and small moments of your birth day. 

Denver Birth Photography - the Peaceful and Redemptive Homebirth of Judah

I’ve had the honor to photograph two of Megan’s birth stories. I love repeat clients…and I love repeat clients who are also dear friends even more. Megan’s spirt and strength has long been an inspiration to me, and I loved seeing her tap into her deepest desires for this birth. Megan had her other children at the hospital, and while none of those experiences terrible, she knew she wanted something more for the birth of their 5th. She decided on a homebirth, and began to prepare her mind, body, and heart to welcome her baby boy at home. Megan went into labor on a cold and snowy night, and I nervously sped from Denver to Colorado Springs, praying that I’d make it to her house in time. I walked into the house and found her working through her contractions with such strength! They were coming quickly…and they were strong…and yet she kept on pacing around the house, saying she wanted to wait to get into the birth pool until she felt like she was on the edge of no longer coping. By the time we got into the birth pool, it was evident that baby was near. All of Megan’s other children joined us, and they eagerly watched and waited for their little brother to be born. I just love the images of her family surrounding her as she birthed baby Judah into the world! Ryan caught Judah and delivered him right into his wife’s arms. The love and joy in that room couldn’t be contained.