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Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole, documents birth stories across Denver and Colorado. A leader in the Denver birth community, Monet produces beautiful birth films and birth photos for her clients. She works at Denver birth centers, hospitals, and homes where she artfully and unobtrusively captures one of the most important days of your life. Monet Nicole has captured over 250 birth stories, making her Colorado's most experienced birth photographer. 

Meet Your Denver Birth Photographer 

Denver Birth Photographer Monet Nicole Gave Birth at Baby + Co

Monet's Birth Story

On a hot summer day in Colorado, I felt my first contraction. After six intense hours, I reached down and brought my baby girl to my chest. As I emerged from the haze of labor, I found myself transformed. My birth had changed me. Yes, I was exhausted. My hair a mess. But I felt more beautiful than I ever had before. When I look back on my own birth photos, I see an incredible transformation. And five years later, I can still hold it in my hands. My birth images became a source of power and healing. On hard days, I look at those photographs and I'm reminded - I AM STRONG. (You can find read my most recent birth story here.) 

And now as Denver's leading birth photographer, I get to bear witness to more incredible transformations. I document unmatched strength, raw beauty, and authentic love.  Regardless of how you give birth...I believe your birth day will be one of the most transformative days of your life

It's in our hardest and darkest moments that we find out just how strong we are. 

Denver Birth Photographer Monet Nicole captures the arrival of this family's rainbow baby

The Denver Birth Photography Experience with Monet Nicole

When you hire me to document your birth story, I go on-call for you from day one. Whenever your baby decides to enter the world, I'll be there. Your birth day will be uniquely your own, and I strive to honor the sacredness of your story. I document the big and small moments of your birth day quietly and unobtrusively. Your baby and your body lead the way.

In each birth story, there is strength, there is joy, there is transformation. My job is to find these moments so that you and your family can look back on them in the years to come. 

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Recent Denver Birth Stories

Monet Nicole Photographs Births at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Monet Nicole's Background as a Birth Photographer

I've had the honor of photographing over 200 birth stories across the front range of Colorado. I hold my Masters of Fine Arts and shoot with professional grade cameras and lenses. But none of that matters as much as this: I have a strong commitment to preserving the sacredness of your birth space. As a trained doula, I work to document your story in a way that doesn't interfere with the birth process. 

I've worked with every hospital and birth center across the front range of Colorado, as well as almost every homebirth midwife. I work closely with Mountain Midwifery Center, Baby + Co, Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, and the Birth Center of Boulder. I've photographed breathtaking births at Swedish Medical Center, Rose Hospital, St. Joseph, Lutheran, Denver Health, the University of Colorado with the Center for Midwifery, Skyridge, and Avista. And I love working with Janet Schwab, Kathryn Reynes, Gina Gerboth, Stacie Meredith, Jennifer Dossett, Sena Johnson, the Community Roots Midwifery Collective, and many other midwives up and down the front range. 

Denver Birth Photography at a Colorado Homebirth 

Words from Former Birth Photography Clients

She captured my journey, the connection between myself and my husband but most importantly she captured my daughter coming earth-side with such grace.

We loved working with her. We love her.
— Amelia, who gave birth at Rose Hospital in Denver
Looking at the photos I see my strength in the birth and the raw moment of life when my son emerged.  Monet preserved the most precious of moments in our life.  
— Lindsey, a Denver Homebirth Client
We got more than just pictures, more than just a birth video. We received the ability to relive our experience. The joy, the strength, the unconditional love; Monet captures it all, so raw and beautifully, and I appreciated this more in the days after birth than I ever could’ve imagined.
— Kerri, A Mountain Midwifery Center client
When I received my final images and could have prepared me for the artistry she created from my birth. I cried. I cried tears of joy because I got to relive my birth from the outside and see what an incredible event it was.
— Mia, who gave birth at the University of Colorado Hospital

New family snuggles in bed after giving birth in Denver

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