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Monet Nicole is one of Denver's leading birth photographers, who found her passion for birth photography when she gave birth to her own daughter. In 2013, on a hot summer day, Monet felt her first contraction. Six hours later, she brought her first child to her chest, surrounded by the love and support of her husband, family, and an amazing medical team. Throughout the whirlwind of labor and birth, Monet felt completely in tune with her body and baby. Giving birth was a profound experience for Monet. To put it simply: it was the best day of her life. When she looked back on her own birth photographs, she relived so many of the best parts of her birth experience: the empowerment, the love, the strength, the support. And then she saw all the moments that she'd forgotten or missed. 

Throughout her postpartum recovery, and for months in the future, her birth photographs served as a reminder of the miracle she had participated in. On hard days, on long days, she'd look at those photographs and be reminded of the love she had for her husband and her daughter. To put it simply: her birth photographs were priceless. When she gave birth to her second daughter in the summer of 2016, she found that her birth photos were just as powerful as they were the first time. You can see Monet's most recent birth story here. 

Monet Nicole is also the co-founder of Birth Becomes Her, a movement of birth photographers from around the world that celebrate the beauty of birth. Birth Becomes Her offers tangible tools for new and established birth photographers, hosts workshops that build community, and provides an online platform for more people from around the world to see powerful and beautiful images of birth.  Monet Nicole is currently heading up the publication of a Birth Photography journal that will be published summer of 2017.  

When Monet isn't photographing a birth, you can find her at home with her two lively daughters and husband....or out enjoying a cappuccino from Boxcar Coffee. She's been to Africa three times, Paris twice, and is currently planning her next big adventure abroad.  But anyone who knows her will tell you...she loves when she gets that phone call from one of her clients - it's baby time!

You can explore her portfolio here. Monet Nicole loves capturing hospital births, homebirths an birth center births. She believes that regardless of where or how you have your will be on the most powerful, beautiful, and important days of your life. 


Monet Nicole's Background

Monet Nicole has documented almost 150 births, more than any other birth photographer in Colorado. She holds a Master of Fine Arts and leads Birth Photography workshops for beginning photographers from around the world. Her work has been featured in publications such as Midwifery Today, the Huffington Post, the Scientific American, as well as in Midwife and OB offices and conferences in the United States and abroad. If you want to see some of Monet Nicole's favorite images, explore her portfolio here

Monet Nicole has worked with the following Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs birth providers, many of whom have become dear friends:

  • Mountain Midwifery Center
  • Baby + Co, Wheatridge
  • Denver Center for Birth and Wellness
  • Boulder Birth Center
  • University of Colorado Midwives
  • Denver Health
  • Saint Joseph Medical Center
  • Presbyterian St. Lukes
  • Lutheran Medical Center
  • Skyridge
  • Littleton Adventist
  • Rose Hospital  
  • Janet Schwab, CNM
  • Tiffany Jorgenson, CNM
  • Jolene Hamman, CNM 
  • Jessica Nipp, CNM
  • Stacie Meredith, CPM
  • Gina Gerboth, CPM
  • Kathryn Reynes, CPM
  • Jennifer Dossett, CPM
  • Sena Johnson, CPM
  • Community Roots Midwifery Collective
  • Tara Stephens, CPM 
  • Desirre Andrews, CPM

The Birth Photography Experience with Monet Nicole

When you hire Monet Nicole to document your birth story, she goes on-call for you from day one. Whenever your baby decides to enter the world, Monet Nicole will join you and your family at your birth place. Monet has missed Thanksgiving, darted out of dinner parties, ventured out in snowstorms, and left Bronco games to document birth stories. She loves seeing couples become parents, children become big brothers and sisters, and babies take their first, powerful breaths. Using some of the best photography equipment available today, Monet Nicole quietly and unobtrusively captures your unique birth story. Monet stays with you during the duration of your birth - be that 2 hours or twenty! Before she leaves the hospital, birth center, or your home, she always edits a few images that you can use immediately to share the good news of your baby's arrival. 

Monet Nicole believes that when women give birth, we see power, beauty, and strength, and her work reflects that deep conviction. You can see some of Monet's recent work by clicking on one of the images below.  

If you still have more questions, you can read Monet Nicole's FAQs here

What Clients Say About their Experience with Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole

Amelia, who gave birth at Rose Hospital

After struggling to start our family for several years we decided we didn't want to miss a moment, including the birth. Working with Monet was a no-brainer. She radiated so much kindness at our first meeting and my husband and I knew that she would be an amazing energy to have in the room with us... actually we felt that so strongly that we asked about her also acting as our doula and we were delighted that she was willing to also be our birth advocate. 

The photos that Monet took of my labor and the birth of our daughter are wonderful. It was such a long process that I was so tired by the end and really wasn't "there". It was amazing looking back at the pictures and reliving each sweet and painful moment. She captured my journey, the connection between myself and my husband but most importantly she captured my daughter coming earth-side with such grace.

We loved working with her. We love her.

Lindsey, who gave birth at home with Stacie Meredith

Monet is perfection!  Her photos captured the birth of my second son in the most beautiful and vivid way.  Even now almost a month after the birth with the details fading I am able to revisit my birth and have Monet to thank for capturing the experience.  Looking at the photos I see my strength in the birth and the raw moment of life when my son emerged.  Monet preserved the most precious of moments in our life.  

Not only are her photos amazing but she is a wonderful human being.  I count myself very fortunate to have found such a beautiful person to be part of our birth team.  Monet is a calming presence and is instantly a friend once you meet her. If we decide to expand our family Monet will be one of our first phone calls.   

Kerri, a Mountain Midwifery Center client

Our decision to hire a birth photographer came with immense consideration and research, as I struggled to justify spending saved funds on what most would consider unnecessary; however, with increased research (including watching birth video after birth video, reading every birth story I could get my hands on, and hearing friends say that failing to hire a photographer was one of their biggest regrets) I began to envision what those memories would mean to me. The first time I met with Monet, I felt excitement as she detailed the logistics. After discussing it with my husband, we ultimately decided that having professional newborn shots of our son would be the greatest benefit of her services. What we got was so much more….

Monet is a true professional. Her communication with clients is second to none. Her knowledge, positive outlook, and encouragement gave me, a first time mom, confidence and peace. She listens, she hears, and she acknowledges. I can recall one point during my labor when I looked to Monet and advised her that I thought it might be time to consider “something to take the edge off…” Knowing full well that my intention was an unmedicated birth, Monet chose to acknowledge my feelings, providing me with multiple options to consider when I believe others would’ve just told me what I did/didn’t want. It was in that moment, with Monet’s support and acknowledgment that I was able to dig deeper and push through, achieving the birth I desired. And still we got more…

We got more than just pictures, more than just a birth video. We received the ability to relive our experience. The joy, the strength, the unconditional love; Monet captures it all, so raw and beautifully, and I appreciated this more in the days after birth than I ever could’ve imagined. To those considering investing in birth photography – go for it and choose Monet! You won't be disappointed and I guarantee you will get so much more.


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