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Denver birth photography stories by leading Denver Birth Photographer, Monet Nicole. These stories take place across Colorado, in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. Each image captures both the big and small moments of your birth day. 

Boulder Birth Photography - A Gentle HBAC

Alanna and Mike Lynch reached out to me about photographing their first homebirth when I had just found out I was pregnant myself. I love working with homebirth families, and I connected immediately with Alanna and Mike's joyful, positive spirit. Alanna had a vaginal hospital birth with her oldest son, and then an emergency c-section with her second. This birth promised to be a very different experience - a beautiful experience. Mike and Alanna also own an incredible chiropractic office in Boulder, which I had the honor of going to during my second trimester. (And you can see Dr. Mike adjusting his newborn daughter in one of the photos below!)

When Alanna sent me a message saying that she felt like it was baby time, I drove to Boulder on one of those frigid February nights. When I walked into her home, she and her mom were just finishing cleaning up dinner - her older boys were playing in the living room. Alanna seemed so peaceful and happy that I thought we had a long way to go before baby came, but once the boys went upstairs with their grandma, her labor shifted, and it shifted quickly. Alanna smiled and laughed and joked through contractions for about an hour before she hit transition. When transition came, Mike never left her side. They were an unstoppable force together. Nichole and Rachel from Community Roots Midwifery followed Alanna's lead, encouraging her to labor in whatever position felt most comfortable for her. Not soon after, Alanna felt the urge to push. Rachel and Mike supported her as she brought her baby into the world with strength and grace. Mike and Alanna didn't know the sex of the baby, and were THRILLED to discover that after two boys....they finally had their girl.