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Lucy's Birth Story

Nearly three years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful, vivacious daughter. Up in the Sycamore took these beautiful photographs for me...and I learned, firsthand, how incredibly life-changing birth photography could be. I gave birth at a hospital in Colorado Springs...and had an incredible unmedicated labor and birth. I couldn't have done it without my sweet family...and my rock, Ryan. 

I'll never forget the moment I received my images. In the haze of my first few postpartum night, I opened my email and found a link to my birth slideshow. As I nursed my new baby and my husband slept beside me...I watched it and wept. 

Seeing my story unfold...remembering details that had been lost...watching me fall in love with this perfect little being now nestled against my chest...there aren't enough words to describe how powerful those images were and still are to me. 

Lucy's birth story was foundational in my journey as a mother. Her birth showed me I was far stronger than I had imagined myself to be and that my body was capable of incredible things.