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About Rebecca Walsh

Rebecca Walsh works with Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories, offering beautiful birth photography to families in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs

Meet Rebecca Walsh: your Denver Birth Photographer


A beautiful partnership....

Rebecca and I met in 2015. What struck me first was her presence. Rebecca just exudes peace and grace. She's a trained doula with a servant's heart, but she's also an incredible artist. I fell in love with her, and then I fell in love with her images. I found that her creative eye very closely matched my own. 

Rebecca and I are thrilled to be working together. As a team at Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories, we give our clients the very best care and support. No matter how long your labor lasts or when it happens, one of us will be there. By sharing call, we're both able to take care of our bodies and our families. It allows us to continue to do the work that we love. 

Rebecca is a mother of two and an incredible birth photographer. I'm so honored to have her on my team, and I was thrilled to have her photograph my own birth story in 2018. You can see some of her recent work below. 

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