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Mentoring for Birth Photographers

Consulting and Mentorship for new or aspiring birth photographers

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You are ready to THRIVE

I want you to do the job you love. With passion. With purpose. With abundant success. I believe that birth photographers can make this a lasting and thriving career. I want to see more men and women launch and run businesses that are primed for success and sustainability. 

I've now photographed over 400 births...but when I first launched my business, I found myself in a very saturated market. But over the course of two years, I went from photographing one birth every few months to turning clients away due to demand. I now run a six-figure birth photography business here in Denver, Colorado, where I shoot ONLY births! It IS possible! 

Thrive Mentorship

The Thrive Mentorship program was created for birth photographers who want a thorough consultation on their portfolio, social media presence, business structure, and website. I work with each of my students for 4-6 weeks and provide you with an 8-page action plan to help make your business thrive and your images stand out. My goal is for each of my students to feel empowered and capable to make tangible changes that lead to both creative and business growth.