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The Birth Film Workshop

Birth images are incredible...but there's something so powerful about seeing and hearing the poetic movement of birth

I'm thrilled to partner with Everyday Films to offer an online, 4-week, self-paced workshop on the art of filming birth.

I bring my experience shooting over 200 births to teach you how to perfect color even in low, mixed, and artificial light.  My master's degree in teaching and years of experience make the technically complex elegantly simplified.  You'll learn how to work with medical professionals in the full range of birth situations, capture precious audio with quality, and preserve life-changing first meetings forever. You'll give families the greatest gift of their life. 

Am I ready? 

I love working with brand new and established birth photographers. Even if you're just starting to delve into birth work, now is the time to offer your clients a multi-dimensional way to remember their story. Those sounds, those movements, the pure joy that swells into a room when a baby is born...all of it is worth capturing. More and more families are wanting birth films, and you'll be able to set yourself apart by offering video. 

This course with Everyday Films is self-paced and entirely online, which means you can complete it on your own time and you'll always be able to go back when you have questions. Even better, many of the relationships you form during the course will carry on long-after. Past students continue to share their work with each other long after the course ends. 

You can watch two birth films that one of Monet's students, Jessica Worland, completed after finishing her course. Grab your tissues first though! 

Birth days are transformative. They stay with you for the rest of your life. As birth videographers, we preserve all of those life-changing memories. We give mothers a gift, but we also give children a gift too. My own daughter watches her birth film with wide eyes, with unmatched wonder. I can only imagine what a gift it will be to her and her spouse if she decides to have her own children in the years to come. 

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My fascination with film began early, but it felt so foreign and overwhelming to me that I kept putting off any attempt at learning it. So when Monet advertised this workshop during this chaotic season of my life, I gave myself another excuse to put it off. But my extremely supportive husband convinced me to bite the bullet and sign up. I am SO glad that I did.

The course paced perfectly, providing just enough information per lesson to not feel overwhelming. I could work on the lessons on my own schedule, ask questions anytime, share with the community of other students, and refer back to the material at any time (and I still do!!).
— Lindsey Bartell
2017 has been an incredible year of growth for me as a birth photographer. I decided to take The Birth Film Workshop with Monet because I wanted to grow within the craft of documenting birth stories. I have been documenting birth stories for families in South Texas for over a year but there is just something so special about viewing these first moments in motion. The idea of taking on film was a bit daunting at first but Monet made this workshop unfold beautifully! She really focused on helping me understand why certain details are so important and how to achieve documenting them effectively for film. The examples she provided and the path she took us on while we learned about film was very thought provoking and got me to dig deeper than I anticipated. With her tips and guidance, I was able to piece together a beautiful birth story for one of my September clients.
— Norma Hess
I have already learned SOOOO much. And I’m only a couple of weeks in.
— Meagan Adams