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Information on birth photography for clients of the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography at the Denver Center for Birth

What is your background? 

Monet and Rebecca have photographed over 300 births together. They are both trained doulas, and are well-known in both the Denver and international birth community. They believe that birth stories are some of the most beautiful and inspiring stories in our world. They're honored to document the families at the Denver Center for Birth. 

Do I have to pay for this service? 

Yes. The Denver Center for Birth and Wellness greatly subsidizes the cost of birth photography. Monet Nicole regularly charges close to 2000 dollars for birth photography outside of the center, but she's able to offer packages in the 490-14oo range thanks to her partnership with the birth center. 

Do I really want a birth photographer? 

The number one regret we hear from moms is that they didn't have their birth days captured. We believe that the day you give birth will be one of the most powerful and life-changing moments of your life. Having a professional birth photographer capture your birth day will allow you to remember both the intensity and the joy of meeting your baby for the very first time. Additionally, birth photos are a great tool to help you process your birth story. Midwife Shari loves to look at your photos with you, answering questions you might have about your birth story. 

I'm afraid how I'll look! I don't know if I want someone capturing me pushing! 

As highly experienced photographers, we are incredibly mindful about capturing you in a way that is both flattering and empowering. Our clients regularly tell us they've never felt as beautiful or as strong once they look at their birth images. 

I don't want any crowning images, is that okay? 

Absolutely! We ask you to fill out a form that let's us know the type of images you want...and the types of images you don't want. We will always respect your wishes! 

How soon will I receive my images? 

We like to send you a sneak peek within 24 hours of giving birth. These images are great for birth or social media announcements! We then work to have your gallery completed within 2 weeks. Your gallery will include between 50-100 hand-edited images, and you'll be able to choose the photos you'd like to receive. 

What have others said about their birth photos? 

"When I look back on the images, I get tears in my eyes each time. There are so many precious moments she captured that I don't remember or didn't realize at the time and I'm so thankful we have those moments preserved. Another of Monet's talents is her presence in the sacred birth space; she is so supportive of a mama working toward birth; she is encouraging, patient, kind and she just blends in seamlessly with the team. I was so happy to have her on my side when things got tough! I highly recommend birth photography, and Monet specifically; she's the absolute best! So worth the investment!"

"Words are not even enough to praise the experience of working with this amazing woman. Monet provides not only stunning and memorable photos, but a calm and reassuring presence while birthing. In the moments that are often overlooked or forgotten in a whirlwind of emotion and commotion, Monet captures even the smallest details and provides clients with the unique opportunity to relive those hours, minutes, and seconds all over again. Her dedication to her art is unmistakable and highlighted in the breathtaking images she captures. My only regret is NOT having Monet present at the birth of all my children! I will treasure my birth photos for the rest of my life!"

What happens if I have to transfer? 

If you need to transfer before labor begins, we can transfer your session fee to a Fresh 48 session at the hospital or a lifestyle newborn session. If you need to transfer during labor, you always have the option to hire us to follow you to the hospital. If you decide to transfer without a birth photographer, we will do a beautiful herbal bath session for you in the weeks that follow. 

Who notifies you to come? 

Shari and the team at the Denver Center for Birth takes care of it all! You don't have to worry about notifying anyone. 

If I purchase a basic package, can I upgrade after I give birth? 


What are your current package offerings? 

20 images for $490

35 images for $650

ALL images plus a fusion film $950

ALL images plus a full film and herbal bath $14o0

Do I need to pay ahead of time? 

Yes. We don't want you worrying about paying anyone after you give birth. It also assures our team that you want us to join you on your special day! We accept credit card and payment just needs to be made by 37 weeks. 

Where do I sign up?

If you'd like to reserve a spot, you can sign up right here. We only have a limited number of clients we can take each month, so be sure to get on our list if you'd like us to capture your special day.