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A collection of Denver birth photography stories by Monet Nicole. These stories take place across Colorado, in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. Each image captures both the big and small moments of a birth day. 

The Powerful Birth of Saniya at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Women, we are strong. Our strength is greater than we know. When I capture birth stories, I'm reminded of and inspired by this strength. I want every women to leave their birth feeling more beautiful and powerful than they've ever felt before. 

Nikki gave birth at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness. Karen Loughlin generously provides birth photography for all of her clients, which means I get to work with an incredible team of women as they help other women welcome their babies into the world. The birth center feels like home. You walk in the door and everyone knows your name, your story. They listen to your fears and worries. And then they remind you that you're more than capable, more than worthy. You can really see the power of this holistic model of care during birth. These women walk through the doors ready to give birth to their babies with strength and joy. 

Shari Romero is an incredible midwife, and it's an honor to watch her work with the women she serves.

Nikki, your story moves me, and I have no doubt it will move countless other women and families. You're incredible.