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Monet Nicole is a Denver birth photographer who takes on a select number of birth clients each month in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. She works quietly and unobtrusively to document your labor and birth story. Monet Nicole has captured over 125 birth stories, making her one of the more experienced birth photographers in Colorado. Please don't hesitate to contact her by filling out the form below to check her availability and to receive her most current packages and pricing. Birth photography is an investment that families treasure for years to come. 

Below are a few words that some of her Denver birth photography clients shared about their experience working with Monet:

"Deciding to have Monet photograph my birth was an invaluable decision! My babies' birthdays are some of the most beautiful days of my life, and I am so thankful that the moments of my third birth (the first I invited a photographer to attend) were captured for me to cherish forever. Being able to see the instant I met my baby and relive the story of my labor was truly priceless thanks to Monet's beautiful professional artistry through the photo lens. I also value Monet's support in checking in on me before I even went in to labor, and her unobtrusive and strong support during labor. I will never be without Monet in my future labors and deliveries!"

"At first we were hesitant to invite another person into the room during our daughter’s birth.  We would have a doula who could take pictures, but a fourth person in addition to the medical staff seemed like too much. Now I am so glad that we chose a professional to capture the experience of the birth of our first daughter. Monet Moutrie was truly able to tell the story of our daughter's birth and the pictures are amazing quality. Monet is a gifted, rare talent who is sensitive to special moments during birth.  She wonderfully captured intimate moments between my husband and me that we will enjoy sharing with our daughter one day.  Monet achieves an amazing balance of artistry and tact as she moves around the room quietly and effectively honoring the experience of childbirth.  Her pictures tell the story of that morning and with each picture we sense another turn in the plot of our daughter’s birth. We highly recommend Monet.  She lives out her calling as a true witness to the miracle of new life. We thank God for her talent and her desire to share it so lovingly with others."

"Monet took the most amazing pictures of my most recent birth. She captured the birth of our son beautifully. I didn't even notice she was there unless she was encouraging me and telling me how close I was to meeting my baby. She has such a sweet and calm presence. She is so much more than just a birth photographer." 

"Monet was very generous in spirit and service. She was understanding and helpful about the unpredictable nature of labor. Upon arrival at the birth, she came in quietly, introduced herself to the team, and got to work. She captured very special moments and we are very pleased with the photographs and video she crafted for the birth of our Phoenix. Additionally, I am now a part of her community of moms. I highly recommend her services because you'll not only get professional documentation of your special life event but also a new friend and advocate!"

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